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Elder Scroll 4

Posted: 六月 15, 2011 in Game
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My friend Kasou recommanded me this game 2 monthes ago, but I didn’t even pay any attention on it. Last week it occurred to my mind and I started to install the game.

What I want to say is: This is really a bloody awesome game. Since this game has tons of MODs, so you can almost find everything you want here.Clothes, Weapon, Magic, Monster, Race, Buliding…And some of Mod, they allowed you to have sex in the game world,even pregnancy!

My character is a beautiful sexy chocolate elf. I took a lot of her picture and I want to show you guys.




我的朋友,Kasou, 向我推薦過Elder Scroll 4這款遊戲。但是我沒有什麽興趣。上周突然想起來,於是就安裝了遊戲。

……實際上,簡直沒有比這個更好的遊戲了。由於這個遊戲存在大量的同人MOD,所以可以幹出來各種各樣的事情!不僅僅是服裝 武器 魔法 怪物 種族 建築,經由某個MOD的開發,玩家角色可以在遊戲世界里做色色的事情運動。甚至還允許玩家製造人類!